Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mauna – conserve your spiritual energy

Mauna – Silence is a Tapa, part of the Kriya Yoga, which is an antidote to Kleshas .
Kriya Yoga consists of Tapa, Swadhyaya and Iswara Pranidhan OR Spriritual Passion, Self study and surrender to almighty as its wings.
Here we are going to examine Mauna  as a possibility of Tapa
Tapa is basically plugging the dissipative leaks of energy through renouncing distractions such as unconscious or unwise degenerate, materialistic, non-productive activities of body, mind, or speech. However it is not mere forceful restraint, repression, or withdrawal/passivity.
Through Tapa one can create space between impulse and action through self-awareness. One no longer is committed to the impulsive action as one pauses. In that momentary pause the dissipating/distracting habitual dynamics that previously commanded our attention and energy. This way previously bound up energy is liberated and made available.
Tapa has nothing to do with the negative or fear based practices of self abnegation, repression, self defacement, penance, sacrifice & acts of self violence. Rather it is an AFFIRMATION.
A modern day Yogi  can be seen as one does not need external attractions/addictions to derive happiness. Unfortunately these external supports dissipate our energy. For these Yogis, Tapa has not come out of any external discipline, moral or dictate, but out of self study, self-awareness,  and dedication to the truth.
Practice Mauna, the traditional way to build up “spiritual energy”. Simply by refraining from verbal chatter that energy is recycled for "other" activities.
A good practice of Mauna  does not have any dialogues, conversations — written or oral, gestures, interactions or engagements. Mauna is not merely restraint of speech, it is quieting your actions, speech and thoughts. This table attempts to show how energy is dissipated in different type of communications.

So choose your Mauna hour of the day to begin and experience the resulting high spiritual energy

Monday, 16 December 2013

Beautiful Yoga Skin

Make your Skin Beautiful and Healthy

Just think of it, our skin is so thin that, such thin substance could be susceptible to tear! And yet it is so stretchable that any amount of stretch, pull or twist can cause no rupture to it.  But induced by winter dryness you scratch unaware and it bleeds! Here's suggesting skin care.

A: Food,
Its best season for good vegetables and fruits. Buy plenty of them and make refreshing juices or eat raw.
Some great combinations are:
1. Amla, ginger, and turmeric (yellow ginger/ haldi)
2  Spinach and pudina (mint leaves)
3. Pudina and coriander
4. Tomato, beat, carrots
5. Cucumber, pudina
6. White Gourd (dudhi), tomato, pudina
7. Apple, coriander
8. Peru (guava), pudina, ginger

These are just a few combinations,  add your creativity to it and make awesome variations.
Dash it with lime, pepper, black salt, jeera, chat masala
Garnish with fruit slice, chopped greens.

B. Yoga
Make your day vibrant.
Get up a little early to look at the beautiful warm sun smile (i mean sun shine!)
Do Yogasan, pranayam and meditate. This asana sequence helps to oxygenate the skin and remove toxins.
It works on neuro mascular relaxation, balances the hormonal secretion, activates the para sympathetic nerves thereby aids in digestion and effective evacuation.
1. Sukhasana 1min
2. Parvatasana 3 rounds
3. Yogamudra static 1min
4. Marjarasana hold 30 seconds each in upward and inward stretch
5. Pascimottanasana 3 rounds
6. Kapotasana both arms up, 2 rounds
7. Bhujangasana 3 rounds
8. Sharanmudra 1 min
9. Simhamudra 5 rounds
1. Anulom Vilom 5 rounds
2. Bhastrika 15 strokes

Trust, you are going to rewrap yourself with lustrous, smooth skin this season!